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semiconductor device, transistor, pnp, germanium, type jan-2n526 This specification covers the detail requirements for a PNP, germanium, low-power transistor. See figure 1 (TO-5).

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Vintage solid state - Transistors. The invention and development of solid-state semiconductors (transistors) has a long history of milestones: The German physicist Julius Edgar Lilienfeld filed a patent for a field-effect transistor in Canada in 1925, intended as a solid state substitute for the electron tube (triode).However, as the production of high-quality semiconductor materials took ...

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Heathkit Part Number Cross Reference . The following list was compiled from various Heathkit catalogs.

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NPN wideband silicon germanium RF transistor 1.4 Quick reference data Table 1. Quick reference data [1] Tsp is the temperature at the solder point of the emitter lead. [2] Gp(max) is the maximum power gain, if K > 1. If K < 1 then Gp(max) = Maximum Stable Gain (MSG). 2. Pinning information Table 2. Discrete pinning 3. Ordering information Table 3.

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Title: General Electric Transistor Manual: Circuits, Applications, Specifications; 2nd Edition Author: General Electric Subject: transistor Keywords

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Bipolar Transistor Basics In the . Diode. tutorials we saw that simple diodes are made up from two pieces of semiconductor material, either silicon or germanium to form a simple PN-junction and we also learnt about their properties and characteristics.


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Aug 29, 2018· February 1953 was just a little more than four years since Messrs. Brattain, Shockley, and Bardeen announced their invention of the transistor. This full-page advertisement by Raytheon ran in Radio-Electronics magazine announcing the world's first commercially available PNP germanium transistors. It was a big deal.

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semiconductor device, transistor, pnp, ermanium, low power types 2n404 and 2n40a This specification covers the detail requirements for PNP, germanium, low-power transistors. See figure 1 (TO-5).


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A bipolar junction transistor (bipolar transistor or BJT) is a type of transistor that uses both electrons and holes as charge carriers.. Unipolar transistors, such as field-effect transistors, only use one kind of charge carrier.BJTs use two junctions between two semiconductor types, n-type and p-type.. BJTs are manufactured in two types: NPN and PNP, and are available as individual ...

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Radiomuseum states that these are PNP germanium alloy transistors intended as an AF amplifier and gives a reference of the Steidle book "Transistoren Taschen Tabelle" from 1981. If you can provide information about Chinese germanium transistors or diodes, or know where I can obtain more, please

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Using the BJT Models (NPN and PNP) ... reference name is given as MOD1 in the following example. In this case an NPN model type is used to describe an NPN transistor. Example Q3 3 2 5 MOD1 .MODEL MOD1 NPN Parameters can be specified in both element and model statements. The element

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1 AC125 PNP Germanium transistor, new old stock, made by Tungsram. They are a direct substitute for OC81d and work great in fuzz pedals. Gain range is 60-130, so they are right in the fuzz face range.

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Germanium transistors. ..., according to the data presented in the classic reference Towers International Transistor Selector, there is no difference. I suspect that they are all the same piece of germanium, and are labelled according to their measured HF performance. ... These transistors are NPN, but obviously PNP versions are available.

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NTE102 (PNP) & NTE103 (NPN) Germanium Complementary Transistors Power Output, Driver Description: The NTE102 (PNP) and NTE103 (NPN) are Germanium …

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Q1 - PNP germanium transistor (AC128 or similar) All resistors are 1/4w and capacitors are in uF. Here is the blank buffer pc board with the parts layout superimposed over it. You can follow the signal path through the pcb by following the traces that can be seen through the translucent board. A complete description of each part's function:

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Jan 13, 2004· A lot of boutique RangeMaster clone builders will have you believe that the only way to get them to sound right is to use one of those "super rare" transistors that have been sprinkled with magic dust by the transistor fairy With all the testing and tuning I've done with the RangeMaster, that just hasn't proven to be true. I've used gain and leakage checked AC128 (PNP), AC188 (PNP) and 2N388A ...

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pnp germanium transistor datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. The Datasheet Archive. Search. Browse by Manufacturer Get instant insight into any electronic component. Try Findchips PRO for pnp germanium transistor. Top Results (6) Part ...

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HCross.RRW Heathkit Cross Reference Updated 12/11/03 Heath P/N Generic P/N Alternate 1 Alternate 2 Description Signal Diode 56-4 HD2257 Hughes Crystal Diode 56-5 HD6226 Hughes Crystal Diode

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To cause the Base current to flow in a PNP transistor the Base needs to be more negative than the Emitter (current must leave the base) by approx 0.7 volts for a silicon device or 0.3 volts for a germanium device with the formulas used to calculate the Base resistor, Base current or Collector current are the same as those used for an equivalent ...

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The germanium alloy-junction transistor, or alloy transistor, was an early type of bipolar junction transistor, developed at General Electric and RCA in 1951 as an improvement over the earlier grown-junction transistor.. The usual construction of an alloy-junction transistor is a germanium crystal forming the base, with emitter and collector alloy beads fused on opposite sides.

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A very broad selection of transistors are available from